Product Usage

Please be sure to check with your local Game and Fish Department on the  legality of this product.

-- While many hang baited hooks from trees or overhanging branches,  catfish have to set themselves on the hook.  With the HookSetter catfish simply touch the hook and WHAM it sets instantly.
Limb Lines/Trot Lines
-- Hang a HookSetter from a tree or branch, or even a trotline with your  favorite bait and let the HookSetter do the work for you setting the hook  instantly.
Jug Lines/Noodles
-- Hang a HookSetter from a jug or noodle and let it set the hook for  you.  No more losing your live bait as the HookSetter automatically  sets.
Docks and Boats
-- Hang a HookSetter from your dock or even your boat.  Cast and reel  in with your favorite pole using one line, while the HookSetter automatically  sets the hook for you on your other lines, dramatically increasing your catch  for the day.
Ice Fishing
-- Hang a HookSetter from a rattle reel and instantly hook panfish,  walleye, northern pike and more.  And coming soon, more ways to use  HookSetter for success on the ice!
Bobber Fishing
-- Can your bobber set the hook for you? Probably not, so why not hang a  HookSetter from underneath your bobber and let is set the hook for you.
Bank Poles
-- Dig your bank poles in and hang your hooks from a HookSetter.  As  Bank Poles will not set the hook for you let HookSetter bring in the fish for  you.
-- Drift fishing off your boat?  Just hang your HookSetter off the  edge and let it set the hook for you underwater, landing more fish while you  scan a big part of the rivers and lakes.
Rod Holders
-- Having a hard time holding on to numerous poles all at the same  time?  Hard to cast and set the hook and reel in numerous poles all at the  same time?  Cast and set your poles in your rod holders, then let  HookSetter set the hook for you so you can reel'em in!
-- Tie a HookSetter to your pole, or even a cane pole and set the hook  instantly while jigging for panfish, crappie, perch and much more.
Catch and Release
-- Whether is CPR (catch-photo-release) for bass or musky or catfish,  HookSetter instantly sets the hook in the fish's lip, preventing the fish from  swallowing a hook and harming or killing the fish.  Use a HookSetter and  release a healthy fish!

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