Ice Model Tip Up

Automatically set the hook with the new HookSetter For Tip Ups Model.  Perfect for panfish, walleye, or northern pike. 
For Panfish:  Tie your spool line on to the bottom clip.  Then tie your mono with bait on to the barrel swivel and set the HookSetter.  When a panfish hits your bait it will set the hook instantly, all while the flag pops up.
For Pike:  Normally a pike grabs your bait, swims away, and spits it out.  Now with the new HookSetter Tip Up Model, pike will grab your bait, move a few inches, then WHAM the hook is set.  Add an Offshore Tackle clip to the barrel swivel and run your spool line through the clip with your bait and let the pike run, knowing the hook is already set for you.