The Original Automatic HookSetter is now revolutionizing the fishing industry with its new patent pending HookSetter Technology.  Fish simply touch your hook and wham the hook is set.
Tired of fish grabbing your hook and bait and swimming away?  HookSetter will set the hook for you making for a successful fishing adventure. 
Perfect for jigging, ice fishing, catfish, trot lines, catch and release, jigging for crappie and panfish, carp, and those spring Steelhead, the HookSetter has numerous uses for catching more fish year round.

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"The HookSetter can be used for different fish in different states in different fishing situations during different times of the year, and can be used with any hook, lure, or bait."

Catfishing and Trotlines 

While many hang baited treble hooks from trees or overhanging branches to catch catfish, many catfish have to set themselves on the hook.  With the HookSetter® catfish simply touch the hook and WHAM the hook sets instantly.  Hang a HookSetter® from a tree or branch, or even a trotline, with your favorite bait and let the HookSetter® do the work for you, setting the hook and bringing home some delicious catfish. Excellent for Carp and Steelhead as well.

Ice Fishing

Coming soon- the HookSetter TipUp®.  Fish simply touch the hook and it sets instantly.  Fish normally nibble on your hook and swim away, but not this time. Set the HookSetter TipUp® and catch more fish!

Catch and Release 

For catch and release fisherman quite often fish swallow the hook.  Good luck getting the hook out to release a healthy fish.  HookSetter prevents swallowing a hook by automatically setting in the lip, leaving a healthy fish to be released. 

Limb Lining and Jug Fishing

Bait your hook and hang a HookSetter from an overhanging branch or tree, then come back a few hours later to collect your delicious fish. Excellent for jug lines as well.  Simply tie a Hooksetter to your jug and let it automatically hook your fish while you are away.

Jigging and Bobbers

Use your favorite jigging lure or live bait and jig for bass, crappie, panfish, catfish, walleye, musky, panfish, and more.  Fish simply touch the hook and it sets instantly.  Use the aluminum model to weigh down the line and hit the bottom for catfish.  Hook a bobber –from a small plastic bobber to a huge musky bobber, and relax and wait for fish to come to you.  Either way your odds of success are dramatically increased.  For use with any bait, hook, or lure!

Docks and Boats

Drop a HookSetter off the side of your boat or tie it to your dock.  No need to set the hook as HookSetter will do the work for you, hooking your fish while you use a pole or just take a break.